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June 2021
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Clinical online counseling from Christian professionals at Faithful Counseling.

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Speak to a professional therapist with a Christian background at Faithful Counseling.

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Get Professionally licensed, spiritually informed, and readily accessible professional Christian counselors at Faithful Counseling.

Faithful Counseling Promo Codes

Faith Based Counseling That Caters To You And Your Wallet offers a new take on the traditional therapy space. While most therapy leaves out any religion or faith based offerings, faithful counseling does not. It is designed to be a platform that still offers traditional therapy but also offers a faith based and Christian viewpoint as well. This counseling is not to be confused with counseling on spiritual matters which is more along the lines of traditional pastoral counseling. Counselor and clients are matched based on type of issues, preferences, and objectives. However, If you find that you are not comfortable with your counselor or it simply is not the match for you, you are able to request another counselor instead. The counselors on the site are experienced in dealing with issues pertaining to your happiness, goal setting, anxiety trauma, stress, anger, conflicts, relationships, grief , self esteem and much more.

Faithful counseling has a wide range of ways to be able to reach a counselor and conduct a session. These include phone calls, video calls, or text messaging. Additionally with the text messaging feature, you are able to talk with a counselor outside of appointments if they are allowing correspondence at that time. Counseling in this manner is also cheaper than face to face counseling at 35 to 80 a week, with a monthly subscription. This becomes even more reasonably priced when you use a coupon. If you are weary about receiving counseling or even sharing your information online, Faithful counseling does not require a full name or wealth of information, as well as you can use a pseudonym when talking to your counselor. The counselors on the site, while fully licensed, do not diagnose, fulfill court mandated treatment or treat mental illnesses. There are specific times when face to face therapy would be more appropriate, these are listed on the site.